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Wedding Catering

Ghevar Thali restaurant in Pune also offers wedding catering services. It offers high-quality meal catering from a team of competent and experienced chefs. We are Pune's best catering service provider. We give high-quality client service. We specialize in wedding food catering, including both local and international cuisines.

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering services are provided by us which includes breakfast meetings, corporate lunches. We deliver and make almost every kind of cuisine with the help of our experienced, professional chefs. We serve for about 100 to 200 people or more in multiple events or corporate luncheons. Fresh and delicious food is made and served to our guests. Full customer satisfaction is guaranteed which makes us the best Thali restaurant in Pune.


Social Events Catering

We also provide social event catering services which include delicious and fresh food being prepared. We have expert and professional chefs who provide their best possible services. Unique and fresh concepts are used by us in the presentation of food and in the venue of the event. Social event catering services are provided by us for small as well as big events like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, kity parties, etc. Being The best Thali Restaurant in Pune, we also have a unique menu and themes for every event.

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